Information for Next Fridays “Great March” Gaza

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Cover your face!!!!

The “Israeli” enemy are taking photos of the protestors at the borderline and observing their facebook accounts to get informations about them.
Then they choose who to targed the operation dont take more than 10 minutes the “israeli” soldiers are sending the pictures to a electronic special force within minutes they are searching for the accounts and look for specific signs like hamas or Islamic jihad flags or posts to support the resistance or even just political posts they have “indicators” to chosse a possible “target”.
Focus at the coming points please:
– It is recommendable to cover your face when you went to the borderfence.
– try not to give much informations through your livestreams or posts don’t mention names of persons or specific and exact places.
– try to bring Mirrors or Alu foil with you the reflection of the mirrors or alufoil will irritate the enemy sniper.
– bring buckets if you can fill them half with water around the prayer area and after the sand barrikade when the enemy drones or soldiers are firing gas grenades put the buckets filled with water over the landet smoke grenade, this will prevent the smoke to spread.
– try to create thick smoke to disrupt the sight of the soldiers.
Dont share just COPY PAST

Also “Important”

A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), warned that the Israeli occupation forces would use internationally banned gas during the return march on the Gaza Strip borders next Friday, the ‘Adamsite’ gas, which is one of the most dangerous types of gases, an arsenical derivate which has serious consequences on the lives of participants. Adamsite bombs produce smoke which has the same color of the tires’ smoke when they’re ignited, that characteristic advantages the Zionist army, as the Gaza citizens are preparing to use a large number of tires to ignite them on the border with the Gaza Strip next Friday to distract the snipers.

First Aid
GENERAL INFORMATION: The effects of exposure to vomiting agents under usual outdoor conditions generally are self-limited, disappearing in 20 minutes to 2 hours, and require no specific therapy other than symptomatic relief. Exposure to large concentrations of adamsite (DM), or exposure to adamsite (DM) within an enclosed space or under adverse weather conditions, may result in more severe adverse health effects, serious illness, or death and may require supportive measures for symptomatic complaints of eye, skin, and airway irritation.
ANTIDOTE: There is no antidote for adamsite (DM) toxicity.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
Immediately wash eyes with large amounts of tepid water for at least 15 minutes.
Provide symptomatic relief.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
Provide symptomatic relief.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
Evaluate respiratory function and pulse.
Ensure that the patient/victim has an unobstructed airway.
If shortness of breath occurs or breathing is difficult (dyspnea), administer oxygen.
Assist ventilation as required. Always use a barrier or bag-valve-mask device.
If breathing has ceased (apnea), provide artificial respiration.
Gargling may provide symptomatic relief.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
May require the use of soothing compounds such as calamine, camphor, or mentholated creams.
See the Decontamination section for patient/victim decontamination procedures.
Seek medical attention immediately.

Long-Term Implications
MEDICAL TREATMENT: A small minority (fewer than 1%) of people will experience serious, prolonged adverse health effects following adamsite exposure. Those seeking medical attention will generally have complaints relating to ocular, airway, and/or skin irritation. Patient/victims with severe or prolonged adverse health effects should be observed until effects abate.
Eyes should be carefully examined for retained foreign bodies and irrigated with water or saline. Use of topical antibiotics and eye solutions to relieve irritation should be used and referral to an ophthalmologist is suggested.
Use of oxygen and bronchodilators (if bronchospasm is present) may be necessary in patients with underlying respiratory disease.
More persistent and severe skin irritation may require the use of soothing compounds such as calamine, camphor, or mentholated creams. Large blisters, if present, should be debrided and irrigated several times daily. Use of a topical dermal antibiotic is recommended.
DELAYED EFFECTS OF EXPOSURE: Not established/determined
EFFECTS OF CHRONIC OR REPEATED EXPOSURE: Information is unavailable about the carcinogenicity, developmental toxicity, or reproductive toxicity of chronic or repeated exposure to adamsite (DM).



Tzai Hanegbi threatens “Pogrom”

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In a move reminiscent of the Nazi press,  Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister and  close ally of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Tzai Hanegbi threatens a third Nakba aka pogrom.

It brought to my mind a different threat made in another time, in a different century with the same intention in mind, but the intended victims then were the Jews. While the world may not understand the Arabic word nakba, it is more likely to understand the word pogrom, since the word pogrom has been beaten into world consciousness.A pogrom/nakba is the organised destruction of an ethnic group, its literal meaning is devastation.


To fully understand what Hanegbi is threatening,we need to take a look at witness testimony from the first Nakba

Deir Yassin 9/14/1948

…………..whenever the Jews occupied a house, they would blow it up, then direct a call to the inhabitants to flee or face death. Believing the threat, the people left in terror in hopes of saving their children and women. But what should the Stern and Irgun gangs do but rush to mow down whoever fell within range of their weapons. Then, in a picture of barbarism the likes of which humanity has rarely witnessed except on the part of the most depraved, the terrorists began throwing bombs inside the houses in order to bring them down on whoever was inside…..

…………A woman who survived the massacre by the name of Halima Id describes what happened to her sister. She says, “I saw a soldier grabbing my sister, Salihaal-Halabi, who was nine months pregnant. He pointed a machine gun at her neck,then emptied its contents into her body. Then he turned into a butcher, and grabbed a knife and ripped open her stomach to take out the slaughtered child with his iniquitous Nazi knife.”

Biet Daras 21 May 1948

….. after a number of failed attempts to occupy this village, the Zionists mobilized a large contingent and surrounded the village. The people of Beit Daras decided that women and children should leave. As women and children left the village they were met by the Zionist army who massacred them despite the fact that they could see they were women and children fleeing the fighting.

To read more of what close ally of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Tzai Hanegbi  meant when he made his threat,you can find more testimony at Former Israeli commander confesses to razing entire villages during Nakba

To the long suffering people of Palestine, and to the brave courageous defenders of Al Aqsa, the Hanegbi statement is part of a PSY War, a war for your minds. Dont let them win, don’t tolerate metal detectors and being herded like cattle in order to pray. When Hanegbi made that statement he did not factor in that it is now 2017, and the world is well aware of the Zionist perfidy, and that Zionist crime can no longer be hidden. And he has definitely underestimated the support Palestine has.

I began this item with  linking the threat  of Zionist Hanegbi to threats of the Nazis, and then came across the quote below , in the link posted above


“The repression from Israel is the worst form of Apartheid. Nobody has the faintest idea of what is going on here, even the best informed people. Everything is in pieces, the land is destroyed and nothing else may be planted. All this smells like a boot camp, like Auschwitz. The israeli have turned into NAZI JEWS”

What is Vidu Hariga?

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There is no limit to the unconscionable acts that the Israeli Occupation IOF aka Jewish State Terrorist Force will commit.One of the foulest must surely be the act known as vidu hariga, an act that has been increasingly witnessed since the start of the latest wave of unrest in the West Bank. The literal term vidu hariga is vidu “make sure” and hariga “the act of killing”.

The latest victim to this unconscionable act is Mohammad Shubaki 19, a young Palestinian who allegedly stabbed a member of the IOF. Israeli news service I24 News reported  the incident surrounding Shubaki’s death like this-

“The assailant, named as Mohammad Shubaki, 19, from Al Fawwar refugee camp. was shot by security forces on the scene.A spokeswoman for Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem said Shubaki was pronounced dead after resuscitation efforts failed. A doctor said he had suffered bullet wounds to his chest and stomach.”

Yet video evidence of the incident shows that after shooting Shubaki, members of the IOF stood around him watching him bleed out, not offering any assistance as he cried out “God help me”, to which an Israeli officer replies “Leave God now, God will not help you, we are the only ones who can help you and only if you tell us who sent you here.” 

While the illegal and immoral act of vidu hariga is described as a shot in the head to finish off an injured enemy combatant,surely ignoring the IOF’s ethical norm towards injured prisoners by not administering first aid, thus ensuring their death, can also be called an act of vidu hariga as well.The repugnant act of denying  injured people assistance, leaving them to bleed out,thus ensuring their death is further evidence of the moral depravity the Jewish state is sinking further  into, just  like Alice falling down through the rabbit hole.



On the Importance of the Palestinians Relating Their Own Narrative

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I was really pleased to see that Ramzy Baroud has written an article on the importance of the Palestinians narrating their own narrative, its called Recasting the Rules: An Intellectual Intifada in the Offing

While Baroud’s article speaks of the Narrative on the wider stage, in terms of intellectuals and academia I think it should also be read and understood by activists and supporters of Palestine on a more individual level as well.Because even amongst some of us there is a tendency to “marginalize and fundamentally misunderstand” the Palestinian narrative at times.

Reading Barouds article brought to mind a conversation I was in a couple of days ago, as well as myself there was an American and a Gazan who had seen a new type of plane flying over Gaza, which was thought to be an F35. Instead of calmly discussing the fact that Israel would nor have F35’s until 2016 the American “supporter” became verbally abusive towards the Gazan. The American was insistent that there was no way an F35 could of been over Gaza and that what had been seen was a drone, and he would not take into account the fact that the person he was speaking to hears the sounds of all Israel’s planes and drones on a daily basis,from the moment he wakes until he falls to sleep,so would be very aware when he heard and saw something different  in the sky.In Gaza your ability to survive can often depend on what you see and hear happening in the skies above your head.

The next days I read this piece of information “Tomorrow, October 18, 2015, will begin the bi-annual Blue Flag joint Air Force exercise involving the Israeli Air Force, United States Air Force and other allied nations……….”.The possibility that an F35 had flown over Gaza increased exponentially being that the USAF was possibly in the area.Perhaps the Israelis who are purchasing this machine, were given a demonstration on how it would perform over their own terrain?

If we activist/supporters of Palestine  fail “to appreciate the authenticity of the Palestinian narrative” at this level, what hope is there of it being understood in a wider arena? If we activist/supporters become abusive, accusative or attack those we profess to be supporting we are not better than the Zionists,who have been treating the Palestinians like this for far to long.

  I am back

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dead sea

In 2013 I stopped writing post to this blog. Because as a non Palestinian I felt it was more important for the Palestinian voice to be heard rather than mine. So I went away and promoted the Palestinian voice in other spheres, but the events of the past few months leading to the crescendo of the past couple of weeks have brought me back again. Shocking events one would never expect to see from a country that nominally called itself a “democracy”.

So what was I doing in all that time? I travelled and lived in the Middle East for a while; I immersed myself in the life and culture of the ME. My heart broke standing on the Jordan shore of the Dead Sea as I looked into my beloved Palestine from a distance, he who must be obeyed, had already decided I would probably not get past the entrance way because I had said far too much over the years. So after blowing kisses and making a silent promise to return I had to turn away and walk away from my beloved Palestine.


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Marmillia Cemetary Juadisation: An act of the Genocide

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By ‘genocide’ we mean the destruction of an ethnic group . . . . Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups .Raphael Lemkin 1944

via Ramy Jabbar Facebook
A Jerusalemite Foundation revealed that there are Israeli plans to implement 7 Judaizing projects targeting the historic Islamic cemetery of Ma’manullah, in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage said, during a press conference on Sunday, that the occupation authorities have already seized an area of 160 dunums of the cemetery’s land and seek to seize the entire cemetery in order to turn it into public commercial and tourist facilities.

It pointed out that one of the seven Judaizing projects scheduled to be implemented aims to destroy a pond built in the cemetery, in addition to the establishment of a Jewish museum in the area.

Part of the cemetery’s land will be allocated for the establishment of car parking, and another part for the establishment of a park for dogs.

For his part, head of the Restoration of Muslim graves Committee in Jerusalem, Mustafa Abu Zahra, said: “The Israeli institution moved the bones of dead Muslims to unknown places, then stepped up its procedures in the cemetery by establishing parks for dogs and toilets in this place that we consider one of the sanctities. All this falls within the context of the attempts to obliterate Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem.”

Ma’manullah Cemetery is one of the largest and oldest Islamic cemeteries in the Palestinian territories, as it has an area of two hundred dunums.

Israeli authorities have seized the cemetery’s land then turned the greatest part of it into a public park after demolishing the graves. The tombstones still exist on 25 dunums only of cemetery’s land.
For further information on what has happened at Marmilla cemetery…