Small Acts of Resistance and Facebook

To exist is to resist

Love it or hate it, a lot of the activists I know use Facebook to communicate. But as most know Facebook is owned by one Mark Zuckerberg a Jew and by his obvious actions a Zionist. Also the power of Facebook has gone to his head, there is no longer any privacy he has sold that down the river to corporations and spy agencies. Links to certain news sites “Maan” for example, sites that support the Palestinian cause, don’t open properly. Also the mention of certain words, automatically links and is posted to the page concerned , my favourite for example President Obama. All this could be very worrying, but what can we do, we don’t own the site, but we can resist by working the Facebook system to our advantage. We could also choose to leave, but then who would be there to tell the truth about the Palestinian situation and to counteract the Zionist who would have a field day, with out us. Here I am going to discuss my own personal small acts of resistance, the way I work the system.

1- Links to sites no opening on wall posts.- It always annoyed me the way that links to certain sites never opened properly on Facebook or should that be Facistbook? Until the idea occurred to me, that if I print screened (press prt sc and ctrl buttons at the same time), pasted it to Paint, saved it , then up loaded it to Facebook I could then share the picture link and it would appear on the wall looking like the ordinary links that Facebook approves.

2-Information Sharing- So Facebook wants to share my information with the world, I was going to choose the privacy option then it struck me. What a great way to share information about Palestine with the world. So now my profile is loaded with information about Palestine and I am happy for Facebook to share my information to the world.

3- Linking Words to Pages of Interest. What better way to get information across than to work this system. For example mention the CIA, FBI and President Obama and what you have posted automatically gets posted to their pages. If President Obama is reading his fan page he is going to be learning a lot about Palestine form the Palestinian situation form now on.Well at least the lackey who looks after his page will, and so will all of his fans.

So these are my small acts of resistance on Facebook there are probably many other ways to. My idea is, if Facebook is going to sell and manipulate our information we can work this system to spread the truth about Palestine.


6 Responses to “Small Acts of Resistance and Facebook”

  1. Did you know – FACEBOOK IS BLOCKING ALL YOUR FRIENDS NEWS FEEDS EXCEPT 250 THEY CHOOSE. TO UNDO: from HOME page scroll to bottom of page, click “Edit Options” ( to the right side ~ left side is “older posts”). Select NEWS FEED SETTINGS. reset 250 to 5000 for FB’s max. friend limit & your feed will work right again. Pass it on


  3. Hey,

    I’m interested. I want to know what’s going on and if I can help I will. I have a mental health ‘disorder’ so things are complicated for me at times but like I say, if I can help in any way I will.
    I’m an artist and an activist.

    Yours in good hope and faith


    • Thank you Amy…THe best way to help is to keep speaking out against the tyranny and oppression, even when you think no one is listening.Thsnk you. you have just given me a new idea for mynext blog post.

  4. You got my full support. Do let me know.

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