Gaza-Living Against all Odds

Since June 2007 Israel had held Gaza under siege conditions severely restricting what is allowed into Gaza, the siege is cruel and inhumane affecting all parts of life in Gaza. Despite living in conditions not seen since the days of the Nazis and Warsaw ghetto, the people of Gaza endure and remain steadfast.
Every so often out of Gaza comes a news story. Not the ones we are used to coming out of Gaza, that of its suffering and despair. But stories of heart warming proportions, stories on innovation, determination, I am going to share some of my favourites here.
This is my newest story of heart warming proportions and the one that inspired this blog post. Football mad Gazan’s denied the opportunity to attend the world cup in South Africa, host their own version.16 local teams took the part of the National squads, A crowd of 20 thousand watched the final between “France and Jordan” and Ishmael Hanniya was there to hand over the trophy to the winners.

The full story can be found here

The Ultimate Recyclers
Press TV ran a story about the way glass is being recycled in Gaza. Taken from bombed buildings the glass is used in items fro tourist souviners to cobbles. Out of necessity the people of Gaza have become the ultimate recyclers, the rest of the world
Could learn some valuable lessons from the Gaza experience in recycling.

Alink to the Press TV storyonn youtube

Is it a Donkey , is it a Zebra or is it a Horse in Striped Pyjamas!
After losing their Zebras to adverse conditions during Gaza massacre in 2009 the zookeepers of the Marah Land zoo in Gaza came up with a novel solution to the problems.Not being able to afford the forty thousand dollars to replace the zebra and unable to get them into Gaza due to the siege, even if they could find the money.The zoo keepers got a professional to dye the hair of the zoos two donkeys.

To get the full story

Chocolate for Eid
Eid is the joyous three days of celebration at the end of the month of Ramadan imagine the incredulous looks on the faces of the children of the 35.000 families it was delivered to, by Hamas officials.
Chocolate is one of the banned items Israel prohibits from entering the Gaza, and most of the available sweets in the Strip are smuggled in via the southern tunnel system, making it too expensive for average families.

These are just a few of the many heart warming stories of Gazas ability to “Live”, to come out of Gaza that I have laughed or smiled through my tears at. There are so many more, the man who built his house of mud bricks, the man with a treasure trove of museum pieces in his basement and of course the ultimate stroy of survival , the tunnels Gazas life lines.


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