In Lieu of a Grand Gesture

In lieu of a grand gesture, for example; leaping in front of Caterpillar bulldozers, sailing into Gaza on the Freedom Flotilla, declaiming Israel’s crimes on the floors of the UN and the ICC how can we help? In this post I will discuss the three simplest ways one can help to end the oppression of the Palestinian people.
It’s a simple formula R+W+D=A, reading, writing and donating equals action.

Reading- Knowledge is power! Read as much and as widely as you can on the situation. Always keep in mind that main stream media is controlled and manipulated by the Zionist, which is why I advise you to read as widely as you can.

Write-Share the knowledge! Having read you can now share what you have learnt, Take it to the streets, the social networks or simply share it with friends and family.
You can make it as complicated to keep it as simple as you choose.

Donate- Taken into consideration the Palestinian money pit situation seems almost impossible to fill. But even the smallest amount can make a difference. In this time of economic hard ship you may not be able to donate money. Consider then donating some of your time instead to fund raising.

We cant all make grand gestures, but even the smallest of gestures adds to the one big action that will free Palestine from the tyranny of Zionist oppression. A small amount of your time daily will help to end the apartheid, as practiced by the state of Israel. A small donation of money could help nourish a hungry child. A word from you could open someone’s eyes to the truth. We cannot all be heroes but we can make a difference.


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