Urgent Call for Aid to Fight Israel’s Propaganda WarShare. From the ISM

Dear friends and fellow activists,

Ladies and Gentlemen of CC, SOA Watch, Amnesty International, and many other grassroots organizations around the world. We are facing a propaganda war now with the Israeli government doing its best to silence what they perceive as dissent and what is accurately described by those who love humanity, peace, and God; as truth. I ask that you keep in mind the International Solidarity MOvement’s and others’ efforts in Israel/Palestine. We can not have a peaceful solution until BOTH sides are protected and are granted respect for basic civil and human rights. Most importantly, this involves respect for the weaker’s rights (Palestinians). Our struggle with the electronic intifada has increased. Our numbers have increased worldwide. And as the media has shown, although negligible, we have the ability to shame and compel governments to make concessions against tradition or what has been established by corruption and greed as the norm.We have also seen the martyrdom of Rachel Corrie and others take a nascent and inchoate movement and augment its organization. What is the next step?

Many of us have sacrificed so much for this cause. We have accomplished a lot and are capable of so much potential to make the impossible…….possible. We are all waiting to make the worldwide intifada on a scale which has never been seen before. We lay waiting and silent until that time. The time is coming closer and closer. I ask that you all remain patient and endure all of the efforts which those who love greed and unchecked power do upon us for nothing more than wanting peace and remedial equality in this world. I thank all of you heroes in this fight and I want you to know we all are one family even though we are seperated by distance. I respect and love you all and hope you all the best 😉

Please consider the following note:

ISM is hard at work in the West Bank and Gaza, and needs your help!

The ISM media office was raided two times in the span of four
nightsin February, when
Bridget Chappell and Ariadna Jove Marti were arrested. In
the raids, the Israeli military stole all of our computers (three laptops,
one desktop) as well as several video cameras. Just a few weeks ago, the Hebron
office was broken into while
activists were away. We believe the military is also to blame because
neighbors reported soldiers coming to look through the windows multiple
times when the apartment was empty, and in the raid two laptops, multiple
cameras, photo memory cards and USB memory devices were stolen, while other
valuables were left in plain sight.

ISM needs to replace this equipment in order to continue the important work
we’re doing. Documenting ongoing settler violence and harassment in Tel
Rumeida (Hebron) and Sheikh Jarrah (East Jerusalem) are two of our most
important activities. The residents of these communities demonstrate
remarkable resilience by refusing to be deterred by settler violence. In
order for the communities to have a chance of telling their story to the
global community (one of ISM’s primary roles), and to prove the innocence of
our Palestinian friends when they are falsely accused (a frequent
occurrence), we need to capture high-quality footage.

We need: at least two small hand-held video cameras (roughly $150-200 each).

ISM Gaza activists risk extreme danger to document some of the worst human
rights violations in the world. One primary activity is documenting use of
live fire in the “buffer zone” towards farmers and non-violent
demonstrators. Israel’s use of live fire has killed 14 and injured over 50
thus far in 2010. Bianca Zammit, a Maltese activist, was shot in the leg
April 23 while filming a
demonstration, proving that such documentation is viewed as a threat by the
Israeli military.

We need: a Mac laptop computer for video editing ($1000)

A camera with good ‘optical’ zoom, such as a Canon Powershot S51S ($150-300)

The strategic theft of our media equipment, combined with Bianca’s shooting,
serve as a reminder that we pose a real threat in our ability to reach
global audiences with information about Israel’s actions. As non-violent
activists, cameras are our weapons in exposing the Apartheid. Please, help
us to continue this important work by donating
palsolidarity.org/donate, or by sending equipment to Palestine with an

In solidarity,

ISM Palestine


DONATE @ http://palsolidarity.org/donate


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