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Forced transfer or Ethnic cleansing???

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The Zionist Israeli’s use of the term ” forced transfer” is used to disguise the use of ethnic cleansing,   in  Palestine, to fulfil their plans of colonial expansion. Indeed this has been a consistent policy in all of Palestine stretching back to the ethnic cleansing of 1948 Palestine, as David Ben Gurion himself declared in 1938; ‘I support forced transfer and see nothing unethical in it’.

The United Nations Commission defines ethnic cleansing specifically as, “the planned deliberate removal from a specific territory, persons of a particular ethnic group, by force or intimidation, in order to render that area ethnically homogenous

In Jerusalem for example  Palestinian Jerusalemites have a legal status equivalent to that of immigrants or foreigners, even though they have lived in the city for generations. This is in direct contrast to the status of Jews who are actually immigrants yet are entitled under the law of ‘right of return’ to full citizenship rights and a legal status, which implies they have always lived in the land. It is indeed a ridiculous legal paradox whereby immigrants are treated like native citizens, whilst native citizens are treated like immigrants.

Israeli policies regarding residency rights therefore imply that it is a privilege for Palestinians to live in Jerusalem and not necessarily a right. This legal insecurity for Palestinian Jerusalemites is one of many policies to induce the forced transfer of Palestinian communities in Jerusalem and demographically re-design the city to hold a Jewish majority.

THE WEST BANK: In early April, the Israeli military issued an order authorizing it to deport from the West Bank any Palestinian not holding residency papers (for example, anyone born in Gaza). Tens of thousands of Palestinians were suddenly made into criminals, subject to jail terms of five to seven years. This could well be the beginning of mass expulsions of Arabs from the Occupied Territories.

Traditionally, “transfer” has been advocated by fascists like Kahane’s Kach and the ultra-rightist Molodets party of General Benjamin Elon. But the historian Benny Morris showed that the “transfer” option was always part of the ideology of Zionism, that David Ben Gurion and Ezra Weizman embraced it, that this was behind the expulsion of over 800,000 Arabs who lived in areas conquered by the Zionist army in 1948, and that there was an explicit blueprint (the so-called “Plan D”) to carry this out on a far more sweeping scale. At the time Morris first reported this (in his 1987 book Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1948), it was taken as a debunking of Israel’s founding myths. But on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Morris came out for “helping to resolve Israeli-Arab conflict by transferring or expelling some or all of the Arabs from Palestine,” saying Ben Gurion perhaps “would now regret his restraint” (London Guardian, 3 October 2002).

From-Saul Takahashi
Deputy Head of Office
Office of theHigh Commissioner for Human Rights

35,000 Palestinians in the
West Bank at risk for forcible transfer to Gaza
My friends,
below and attached please find an self explanatory update from our
friends at Hamoked on the military orders. Please contact Hamoked
…directly if you have any questions.

Saul Takahashi
Deputy Head of Office
Office of the
High Commissioner for Human Rights
UN Common Premises, 2nd floor
Tokyo Street,
2 296 5534
Fax: +972 2
298 9470
Mob: +972 54
817 4003

Dear Colleagues,

HaMoked has received a response to its
petition under the Freedom of Information Act for figures of
Palestinians forcibly transferred to Gaza on the basis of their
registered address, and those who may be considered at high risk for
forcible transfer under the new orders. The full translated document is
attached, but in short, it shows that nearly 35,000 individuals must be
viewed as being at high risk:

7919 residents of the Gaza Strip entered the West
Bank under “Safe Passage” and remain in the West Bank to date. 23,348 Palestinians from Gaza traveled to the West
Bank from 2001 through April, 2010, using individual entry permits and
“permits of stay” and remain there. Prior to the end of the year 2000,
the number is 935. Additionally, there are 2,479
Palestinians who were born in the West Bank but who have
registered addresses in Gaza, usually because one or more of their
parents have registered addresses in Gaza.

This brings the total number of
individuals who must be considered at risk for forcible transfer to Gaza
to 34,681.

As political focus in recent days
remains on changes to the movement of goods, it is critical to remember
the broader policy of the siege on Gaza, which includes restrictions on
freedom of movement and the isolation of Gaza from the West Bank, and
the human element of the siege, apart from the growing humanitarian
crisis on the ground. Along these lines, the military orders on
infiltrators exist as a tool to aid in the implementation of this policy
by forcibly transferring Palestinians to Gaza on the basis of their
registered address. In this sense, although the flow of goods may have
been eased, Gaza’s population of 1.5 million is still held captive, and
the human face of the siege may be lost in the political rhetoric.

I must emphasize again that,
regardless of how the bodies of state promise to implement the orders,
as long as they remain in force, these 35,000 Palestinians must live
under the threat that their lives and livelihoods may be uprooted at any
moment. This situation is truly unacceptable, and I urge you to use
all channels available to you to call for the orders’ revocation. It
is clear from the state’s many responses that it does not intend to
make any substantive changes, and that it will not do so without
significant external pressure.

Also, please find attached HaMoked’s
response to the State regarding the military orders, sent in reply to
the letter I passed along to you in my last update.

As always, please do not hesitate to
contact me for further information.

Sharon Rose Goldberg
Development Coordinator
Hamoked: Center for Defence of the
4 Abu Obeidah St., 97200, Jerusalem
Tel: 972.2.627.1698; Fax:
Mobile: 972.52.7315127

Ethnic cleansing is “defined as a crime against humanity under the statutes of both International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The gross human-rights violations integral to stricter definitions of ethnic cleansing are treated as separate crimes falling under the definitions for genocide or crimes against humanity of the statutes.

The UN Commission of Experts (established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780) held that the practices associated with ethnic cleansing “constitute crimes against humanity and can be assimilated to specific war crimes. Furthermore … such acts could also fall within the meaning of the Genocide Convention.” The UN General Assembly condemned “ethnic cleansing” and racial hatred in a 1992 resolution.

End the Blockade of Gaza!
down the Apartheid Walls!
End the Israeli collective punishment on
the Palestinian people
Free Palestine!

Support the Free Gaza
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A Brief History of Gaza 1175bc -1967-93

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ca1175bc -A base of Egyptian military operations, Gaza was invaded by the Philistines, a sea fearing people who over ran the eastern Mediterranean. Our modern word “Palestine”
derives from the word Phillistia, or land of the Philistines.

 ca1000bc- Israel  secured Gaza after David killed the Philistine champion Goliath.

734bc – Still the primary inhabitants of Gaza, the Philistines were conquered by the Assyrians.

332bc When Gaza resisted Alexander the Great he seized the city and sold its people into slavery.

 63bc – Restored by Pompey, Gaza prospered under the Romans linking the Mediterranean markets to the inland caravan trade.

ad637 – In a battle near Gaza city, invading Arab was vanquished the Byzantines, who has taken Gaza after the fall of the Romans.

ad1099 – At the climax of the first crusade Christian armies from Europe seized Gaza from the Arabs renaming is Gadres.

ad1516 – Gaza was part of the Ottoman empire 1516-1917

ad1922 – Along with   of Palestine, Gaza was placed under British administrative control after WW1.

ad1948 – Tension between Palestinians and Jewish immigrants exploded during Israels war of independence.Egyption controlled Gaza was flooded with Palestinians refugees.

ad1967-93 – Israel captured Gaza in 1967 . A 1993 peace agreement with PLO Yasser Arafat requires Israel to withdraw.

Information from a National Geographic 1996 article “Gaza; where peace walks a tightrope.”