A Brief History of Gaza 1175bc -1967-93

ca1175bc -A base of Egyptian military operations, Gaza was invaded by the Philistines, a sea fearing people who over ran the eastern Mediterranean. Our modern word “Palestine”
derives from the word Phillistia, or land of the Philistines.

 ca1000bc- Israel  secured Gaza after David killed the Philistine champion Goliath.

734bc – Still the primary inhabitants of Gaza, the Philistines were conquered by the Assyrians.

332bc When Gaza resisted Alexander the Great he seized the city and sold its people into slavery.

 63bc – Restored by Pompey, Gaza prospered under the Romans linking the Mediterranean markets to the inland caravan trade.

ad637 – In a battle near Gaza city, invading Arab was vanquished the Byzantines, who has taken Gaza after the fall of the Romans.

ad1099 – At the climax of the first crusade Christian armies from Europe seized Gaza from the Arabs renaming is Gadres.

ad1516 – Gaza was part of the Ottoman empire 1516-1917

ad1922 – Along with   of Palestine, Gaza was placed under British administrative control after WW1.

ad1948 – Tension between Palestinians and Jewish immigrants exploded during Israels war of independence.Egyption controlled Gaza was flooded with Palestinians refugees.

ad1967-93 – Israel captured Gaza in 1967 . A 1993 peace agreement with PLO Yasser Arafat requires Israel to withdraw.

Information from a National Geographic 1996 article “Gaza; where peace walks a tightrope.”


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