The Palestinian Activists Catechism

I have decided to make a catechism for the Palestinian activist…..this is my begining…
Keep Izrael safe- Means lets Izrael get away with its crimes unimpeded

Izreal- The z reflects that it is the Zionist sate of Izrael and not the Israel spoken of
In the Torah.

B’sturd- A cross between a bastard and a piece of what is flushed down the toilet.
Used to describe any self justifying Zionist, members of the IDF or the Knesset, and settlers
(inspired by the schmaltzy Zionist porn fiction “Inglourious Basterds”).

B'sturds up close and personal

Obummer- President Obama aka Barry Sotero. Zionist wolf in sheeps clothing.

Piece conference/ Piece talks- A more honest term for the word peace. Since all they ever
Consist of is cutting up Palestine into small pieces.

Ignoble Piece Prize- Once known as the Nobel Peace Prize it now called the Ignoble Piece
Prize because it been awarded so often to those that want to cut other peoples countries
Into pieces, for example past recipients include Shimon Peres and Obummer.

Obummer recipient of the Ignoble Prize

A Clinton moment- Like Bill Clinton denying he had sex with Monica Lewinsky, the leaders
Of Izrael make statements Clinton moments, for example, “We did not attack the flotilla”.

Up de Nile- 99.9% of Zionist Izreal is Up de Nile(in denial) about their right to exist beyond the
1967 Green Line.

Zionism- The G-d given right to ignore the commandments, thou shall not steal, the shall not kill.

The Net En Ya Hoo Diet- The diet inflicted on Gaza. Based on studies of Holocaust victims and the effects of food deprivation and its long term effects.

The Holocaust-An event to be used to milk as much money and shame out of the rest of the world as Izrael can.

Yad Vashem-A monument to the victims of Zionist betrayal.

The Interior of Yad Vashem


One Response to “The Palestinian Activists Catechism”

  1. “The Holocaust-An event to be used to milk as much money and shame out of the rest of the world as Izrael can.” /end quote.

    You sir, disgust me. I am not even remotely related to any Israeli or Jewish people, nor am I Jewish myself, yet that statement is just terrible. The holocaust is when millions of people died painfully in cruel concentration camps. Imagine the scenario has been changed, and in WWII the Nazi Party began persecuting all people of Arabic descent and heritage. I sincerely doubt that you and your revolting, biased views would still consider the holocaust to be an event ‘used to milk money and shame out of the world.’ You are a disgusting individual and I hope you get arrested and thrown into prison.

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