Size Dosnt Matter at Yom Kippur

I have seen many post gloating about the number of Israeli prize winners. and there is no denying it they do have an extraordinary amount.On the other hand, it could be accounted for by the fact that they have many “Johnathon Pollards” perhaps.It seems in Israel they swing from incredibly inteeligent to overtly dumb for example-

So what is “Size Doesn’t Matter”
It takes you to this page
And some pretty pictures of Yom Kippur events, it all looks kinda normal right?? Except of course for the slightly seedy choice of black with pink writing that makes it look more like and advertisement for a bordello…
Here is the kicker…. the video that began the “Size Doesn’t Matter” campaign…
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its small”

I find it offensive that the Zionists equate the Holyland of the 3 Abrahamic religion, with a cheap and nasty ad campaign. And the fact  they can equate the same cheap and nasty ad campaign to the Jewish day of Atonement, can only show the level of contempt that they hold for the religion they have seconded for their own scurrilous needs.

Perhaps for the Zionist the only reason for taking part in Yom Kippur is so they can recite the Kol Nidre prayer on the eve of Yom Kippur and fervently pray “Size doesnt Matter”

As a person born into the Jewish tribe, as a mother of Jewish children, as the grandmother of a little Jewish girl I find the Zionists crude and highly offensive.


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