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“Stop marketing the illusion that there is a possibility of ending the occupation and achieving a state through negotiations after this vision has failed miserably,” he said in a message read to a crowd of supporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

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Jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti is accompanied by Israeli prison guards after a deliberation at Jerusalem Magistrate’s court, January 25, 2012. From his cell in an Israeli prison, Barghouti called on Monday for a new wave of civil resistance in their decades-long quest for statehood and for severing all ties with Israel.

RAMALLAH (Reuters) — From his cell in an Israeli prison, one of the most revered figures in Palestinian politics called on Monday for a new wave of civil resistance in the decades-long quest for statehood, and for severing all ties with Israel.

Marwan Barghouti is a leading figure in the Fatah movement. His leadership and charisma were seen as a driving force behind the last intifada, or uprising, against Israeli occupation launched in late 2000.

His views continue to have deep currency with the Palestinian public and he enjoys wide support across the contending array of Palestinian factions. It is widely speculated…

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U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel

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In March 2010, the Obama Administration announced that it would support $205 million in
defense assistance to Israel for the purchase of up to ten Iron Dome batteries. Section 229 of P.L.
111-383 (Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011) authorized the
Secretary of Defense to provide that sum to the government of Israel for the Iron Dome system.
Section 8072 of P.L. 112-10 (Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations
Act, 2011) appropriated the $205 million in funding for Iron Dome, along with additional funding
to support the other components of U.S. missile defense cooperation with Israel. For FY2012, the
Administration did not request specific funding for Iron Dome, and Congress has not
appropriated funds for it.


An interesting PDF for any acitvists war chest is this pdf  –

U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel
Jeremy M. Sharp
Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs
March 12, 201

Its filled with a plethora of juicy facts and figures on the USA’s foreign aid to Israel and how it is spent.

Divide and Conquer Score 1+ to the Zionist!!

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Its a sad sad day, when you realise the Palestine Solidarity campaign, the BDS campaign and the Palestine Solidarity campaign all appear to have been invaded and taken over by the “PC Nazis” ie Jewish control freaks hell-bent on controlling the narrative. Its an even sadder day when you see one person you look up to and admire attacking another’s freedom of speech. While choosing to exercise his own.

At a push this to could be described as anti Semitic…. yet Ali chooses to attack Gildad Atzmon with charges of anti semitism.

Personally I don’t know either man so I have no interest in this argument, but this is not the only “event” of such nature. And there is a definite pattern emerging of on going attacks on Palestine activists who don”t kowtow to a certain line of thinking (ie how the Jews involved in the Palestine freedom movement think it should go.).This concerns me so much because its taking away the focus on the people who are really suffering , those living in the West Bank, Gaza , the48 Arabs and of course those living in the diaspora particularly in the refugee camps.

There is so much more to this story in its entirety and and if I had not seen  other activists taken down in this way, I would not of been writing this. I suggest any one wanting  to find out more start digging, look at both sides of the argument and decide for yourself or even better decide to ignore it and focus on Palestine and the end goal of freedom

As for me I see nothing wrong in anything Atzmon has written, unlike many of those now denigrating him, he has been through the system and says it like it is. Atzmons problems are because he is speaking out in public,  he is bringing to light many things that Jews would rather not heard spoken about publicly. The accusation of anti Semitism charged against Atzmon should give anyone with nous a clue, in the words of Shulamit Aloni… “Anti semitism its a trick we use”.

But having said all this its Palestinians  themselves who must define the struggle…. فلسطين فوق الجميع

As activists our focus should be on Palestine, and if your a Jewish activist for Palestine you should grow a thick skin, things will be said that may hurt you. Truths may be shown that will hurt you even more, but the truth will set you free as much as it will set the Palestinians free.We are all such a wide diverse bunch,.,if you dont agree with what some one is saying just ignore it. We are not all going to agree and certainly trying to find common ground on one common definition of anti Semitism and what constitutes anti Semitic rhetoric should not be defined in the limits of Palestinian activism .just as character assassinations should not be a part of said limits either.

Rafael try to raise half a billion shekels

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So After reading this I have to question who in the IDF and Israeli government are involved in this company, them or their families…. who holds shares who is connected and who takes kick backs…. .and is this the reason we have seen a heavy assault on Gaza…Good lord the bodies are not even cold in their graves and they have done this?? there has to have been foreknowledge
Riding on the “Iron Dome”: Rafael try to raise half a billion shekels
Company attempting to raise through bonds series expansion, not traded and only institutional investors will be offering the best ■ Underwriting and Clal Finance Underwriting will lead the process
Military escalation in the south and extensive use in the “Iron Dome” system developer Raphael decided to leave an offering of 500 million by private placement to institutional investors by way of extending the series B, which currently trades totaling about NIS 68 million. Institutional investors will only issue, because Rafael was issued without a prospectus and is not traded, but its bonds are held only by institutional investors.
This series linked and bearing interest of 4.7%, when the interest is paid each quarter by the end of March 2018, and the foundation will be paid in five equal installments. The series will have a duration (average duration) of 3.74 years. The lead underwriting Clal Finance Underwriting and best financial offerings.
Rafael develops and manufactures weapons within three divisions – missiles, munitions and systems division and Manor. Missile manufacturer introduced in 2011 revenues of approximately -7.08 billion and net profit of 396 million. As of end 2011, amounted to the company’s equity at -2.616 billion, and accounted for about 34.5% the total balance.
July 2011 raised the bond rating scale series A company from Aa1 rating of Aaa K with a stable outlook, and given a rating of Aaa additional funding framework Bonds Series A of $ 400 million. “The rating upgrade due to consistent and sustained improvement in operating results of the company with high financial strength display, which relies on low level of leverage and high liquidity”, noted the company then. “The rating is supported by Raphael as a premier business positioning in the core of advanced missile systems based on high technological capability and operational experience.”

Judy Mozes-Show Them We are Truely Remarkable

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Wife of vice prime minister of Israel suggests kidnapping of the entire population of Gaza children.Yes you heard it right Judy Mozes has suggested “I think we should allow all children to leave Gaza, take them to get to know our children and show them that despite what is instilled in them we are a truly remarkable”. The question is remarkable for what???? Surely not their remarkable reputation for “humanitarianism” or “democracy”. How for example is she going to explain the cattle gates at the Qalandia Checkpoint and the apartheid Wall and Jew only roads. Perhaps she si going to explain Israels truly remarkable ability to Attack some of their friends from the air as they walk to school?????

Perhaps Judy thinks a fashion parade staring herself will show them how truly remarkable she is??

I am not one to gossip oh hell I will anyway…. Judy is not known for her ability to think before she makes herself look like a fool…. take a look at this tweet about the Katsav affair.
I mean really what else can one say?

Ps Have you heard the joke about the Tel Aviv whore standing under a lamp post?

If it look like a duck , walks like a duck. talks like a duck it is a …………………………….

Golan הבורות והפחד הם האסון שלנו. מהם נובעות הגזענות והאלימות וראיית האחר כ"אויב" שיש להשמידו, וחוסר ההבנה שסבל גורם סבל, אלימות מביאה לעוד אלימות, ובמלחמה אין באמת מנצחים - רק קורבנות. עצוב.

Shimon Peres aka Montgomery Burns

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On a lighter note… have you ever noticed how much Shimon Peres war criminal looks like Montgomery burns from the Simpsons