Who pushed Whom into the Sea!!!!

I love my Facebook wall, many times when I begin to wonder about something the answer pops up before I have even formed the question. Take for instance today I had just finished reading a Counterpunch article from 2005, on the subject of the rumour that the Arabs planned to push the Jews into the sea. This article by William Martin is well worth a read-


Martin concludes that it was Ben Gurion himself who started this rumour in a speech he gave in the Knesset on the 11/11/ 1961, when he said “………. they left Palestine following instructions by the Arab leaders, with the Mufti at their head, under the assumption that the invasion of the Arab armies at the expiration of the Mandate will destroy the Jewish state and push all the Jews into the sea, dead or alive”.But where did Ben Gurion get this idea from?

Well thats where my Facebook wall comes into the picture. A picture on my wall lead me to an album which I looked through and I had one of those eureka kinda moments.

The beginning of the expulsion of the Palestine Arabs from Haifa in 1948, it was the Zionists themselves who pushed the Palestinians into the sea.Perhaps it was this scene that Ben Gurion had in his head when he gave that speech on the 11/11/1961, he was an old man by 1961 mayhaps he was worried about the sons of Israel being punished for the sins of the fathers.


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