Action Alert- Zionists are out in force attacking CBS

Zionists are out in force attacking CBS like a scene in the movie, Night of The Living Dead. JTA claims 22,000 emails have been sent to CBS slamming them for their coverage of Palestinian Christians. This is obviously a super exaggeration, but still it shows that they are campaigning as expected.

Hence, if anybody still hasn’t written to thank CBS, please do so now by sending an e-mail at:

Please mention “Thank you for your segment on Palestinian Christians” in the subject.

CBS is obviously not going to read thousands of e-mails, but will keep track of the number of people who wrote in support. The subject should clearly so that you are writing in support of the program. It might even be fine not to write any content and only the subject.


4 Responses to “Action Alert- Zionists are out in force attacking CBS”

  1. Adnan Alsarraj Says:

    Many thanks for your segment on the ” PALESTINIAN CHRISIANS ” in the subject. PALESTINE is the Holy Land for the THREE main religions (jewdism, christianity and Islaam) , All world Christians are obliged to remember their brothers in Palestine, forget not, it’s Jesus and his mother Mary land.

    • You very welcome Adnan, Jews ,Christian and Muslim we all have to work together top get Palestine to the way it was before the Zionist came. A holyland where each has its place and people live together side by side in peace inshallah the day is coming :-).

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