Acknowledging the Original Sin

This is an excellent peace.. Israel has to acknowledge the crime of it birth before, to begin  a true and lasting peace


Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 8:35 PM
I would like to reinforce the excellent and hopefully clarifying account below, which is well documented by Israel’s own historians. Israel was born in “original sin” (per Israeli historians Benny Morris and Avi Shlaim) by terrorism and ethnic cleansing followed by deception, “memoricide” (per Israeli historian Ilan Pappe) and defiance of international law (the Palestinian right of return under Articles 13 and 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, affirmed by UNGA 194 in December 1948, as well as its own yet-unfulfilled pledge as a condition of its 1949 admission to the UN). The 1948 Nakba – not simply Israel’s 1967 illegal land seizures and subsequent colonization that has compounded the original sin – is the heart of the problem. To have peace, Israel must honor the rights of its victims and by so doing forfeit its Jewish majority and Jewish supremacy in exchange for a normal state, peace and international acceptance.

Soon after UNGA 181 was announced in November 1947, proposing to award Jewish Palestine with 55% of land that was 94% Arab-owned, it ignited a predictable firestorm. The US and sane UN members immediately recognized that this would be a disaster, the Security Council returned it “for reconsideration” to the General Assembly, and an alternative US proposal for a 5-year UN trusteeship was being drafted when the Zionists realized in March 1948 that they would not get what they wanted from the UN and launched Plan Dalet, their brutal, deadly efficient and long-planned ethnic cleansing campaign to seize the land by force. 

The helpless Palestinians, disarmed by the British during the 1936-39 Arab uprising and unprotected by the British in 1948, were driven out and never allowed to return. After May 1948 when over 300,000 Palestinians had already been expelled, badly outnumbered, poorly led and outgunned Arab forces tried to intervene to protect the territory designated by 181 for the Palestinians, but with much too little too late. The Arab Legion of Transjordan, the only Arab military potentially capable of stopping the Zionists, had entered into a pact with the Zionists to divide the land between them, keeping what is now known as the West Bank. The Palestinians were betrayed on all sides, by the British, Transjordan, and the UN in addition to their Jewish neighbors, many of whom had been welcomed in as refugees from the Holocaust (although Zionism was definitely NOT welcome).

Truman was urgently advised not to recognize Israel in May 1948 by his State Department under George Marshall, the Pentagon under James Forrestal, and his intelligence services, all of whom predicted nothing but trouble ahead if he did. But Truman was running for election against NY Governor Tom Dewey and needed the NY Jewish lobby support, and the rest is history. (Even then, Truman refused to recognize Israel as a “Jewish” state.) Were his critics ever right.

Admission of this original sin and restitution to its victims as well as those of the continuing Nakba is the only path to justice, the necessary precondition for an enduring peace still demanded by almost 90% of Palestinian refugees and those under occupation. All of “progressive Zionism” under Tikkun, J Street, Avnery, etc. is a desperate effort to avoid this outcome which would achieve freedom, justice and equality for all citizens of historic Palestine and end Israel’s racist claim to be a “Jewish” state. This is why we name ourselves Al-Nakba Awareness Project. Israel and AIPAC mouthpieces react to the word “Nakba” like vampires confronted with a cross.

Jack Dresser, Ph.D.
Behavioral Health Scientist
Political & Prevention Psychology
National vice chair, Palestine working group, Veterans for Peace
Co-director, Al-Nakba Awareness Project


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