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This is a great piece of informative writing that asks the questions Why have the Jews been expelled from many of the countries in which they have settled? Why were they expelled from Spain by “Isabel la Catolica”? Why did they have to leave the Holy Land in the first place? What is this so called Zionist Movement that established Israel and displaced millions of Palestinians? Who funded it and who is now supporting it?

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'


Palestinian Holocaust
in the
Holy Land

“In crimes so reprehensible that degrees of guilt have lost their significance, they {Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels, and Bormann} may have played the most evil parts. But their guilt cannot exculpate the defendants {Nuremberg War Criminal Defendants}. Hitler did not carry all responsibility to the grave with him. All the guilt is not wrapped in Himmler’s shroud. It was these dead men whom these living chose to be their partners in this great conspiratorial brotherhood, and the crimes that they did together they must pay for one by one.”
– – –
Robert Jackson, Chief U.S. Prosecutor at Nuremberg Trial
Closing Speech – July 26, 1946

Palestinian mother mourning the muder of her 14 year old son  After the downfall of Nazi Germany, the German people “washed their hands” of any complicity in the Jewish extermination camps by pleading ignorance. Lower rank German soldiers excused themselves by saying that they were only following military…

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Malala:Psyop Gone Wrong: A Litany of Lies

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First it must be said I have much empathy who is being abused more than anything a taliban bullet could of caused.I must also thank my Friend Adeel who brought this to my attention.

By now we have all read of the case of the young Pakistani girl Malala who was supposedly “shot” by the Taleban.The brave young girl who just wanted to get educated.My first thought was hasnt this event happened at a convenient time for the USA, when people were beginning to get up in arms about the killing of innocents by USA Drones.I though i vwas being to cynical I should of trusted my instincts.
Time has proven that among main stream media there is much confusion about exactly where Malala was shot and there is a variety of picturess of where the frequently moved bandage is placed.To the left to the right etc.and this confusions abounds from CNN and the Guardian to a newspaper in Uganda….
After being “shot and then operated” on in Pakistan, they fly the child to London where a Doctor Dave Rosser  gave this “interview”/ performance.

Watch closely the body language of the esteemed Doctor, the man is lying through his teeth.He stumbles over his words, his eyes cannot stay in one place, and he cannot look at the camera.
“Shame on you Doctor Rosser”
We have seen this all before, the many wounds of Malala comparenicely to the many faces of Ossama….just asbombing to saye the Afghanistan women, will be the euxcuse to continue the drone attacks in Pakistan.
As always I urge you to check the facts for yourself….. because in the end the truth will set you and the rest of the world free from the hegemony of the criminal entities that control the world at this moment.

Violent and racist Israelis

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Young Arab man about 20, seriously injured tonight after being attacked by a group of Jews near Jerusalem’s Zion Square

Palestinians are being attacked in one way or another everyday in Palestine.It was the comments posted under this picture on Facebook that were really shocking.



To their credit there were also a number of Israelis who expressed their disgust at what was being said…

But one has to question the sanity of the right wing in Israel that actively promote such violence with impunity.

Not because the young man had done anything wrong, but just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time it seems.


Some Jerusalem Facts.

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Jerusalem’s population is now close to one million people. This data is  from the Israel Ministry of Interior.
37.7%, / 350 thousand, are  Palestinians with permanent residency status.
Close to 45% of the population in the city until age 17 , are Palestinians. In other words, despite the problems caused to them, East Jerusalem Arabs win the demographic “race”,  and these figure of course are of great concern to the government of Israel.

There is a program of the National Security Council to try and force the Palestinians to receive Israeli citizenship in order to undermine the possibility of a future division of the city in negotiations. The theory is the residents would prefer to be citizens because of the dubious privileges offered to them by Israel, compared to what awaits them under the PA. And if they don’t accept,  threats to deprive them of their residency would be used.This policy would checkmate  Abu Mazen in talks about dividing Jerusalem with the Palestinians.  Even the Israeli left would not be able to say much. Dangerous.

Contrary to popular belief, citizenship has never been offered to the Palestinians by Israel. There are about 20 thousand Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship in the city, and probably get it for “service”, possibly services  for the security system (theory of original Israeli writer). Today, it is basically impossible to obtain Israeli citizenship, “dues to a catch 22: an ancient law states that they have  got to give up the Jordanian nationality. Jordanian law simply does not allow a waiver of citizenship.”

In 2011 the city invested in East NIS 500 million municipal budget. Without settlements and house demolitions. Sounds like a lot, right? But the city’s total budget was 4.7 billion. Ie 37% of residents receive about 11% of the budget.

77% of Palestinians in East Jerusalem live below the poverty line..
(Jews – 24%)
84% of Palestinians in the city live below the poverty line.
However, Palestinians receive only about 34% of the welfare budget of the city,  the rest goes to the much more wealthier Jew. It is much easier to control the population if they are  poor.

67% of Palestinians have paid property taxes in 2011 (or were legally exempt). Income rates, construction and improvement levies penalties for illegal construction amounted to approximately NIS 230 million, ie almost half the amount that the municipality has invested in East Jerusalem residents actually come  from themselves.

To compare, the quality of infrastructure in those neighborhoods west of the city require about two billion. This is of course assuming there is interest to do so. Money will probably pay for expenses in the western city, and because the Palestinians choose not to use electoral power in the city council elections. Inequity in infrastructure also allows to perpetuate the housing shortage in those neighborhoods, because you can not even apply for permits from around the house if there is no appropriate infrastructure (sewage, electricity, water).

The main problems in obtaining building permits:
* Lack of organized planning schemes
* Lack of infrastructure
* Difficulty provide documents of proof of ownership
* Uncertainty accurate drawing of the boundaries of the plots
* Specific problems: land zoned for tourism or nature reserves are frozen, the Eastern Ring Road, the holy basin adjacent areas around the Old City
* Example: The process for obtaining building permits for 200 sqm on a plot of six acres will cost about 110 thousand shekels (before fees to a lawyer and an architect, not including open sewage).

Despite all this, one can see that the policy to keep demographic superiority of Jews is not achieving its goal. Palestinians prefer to take the risk of demolition and building illegally than to leave the city. 

West of the city there are more cases of illegal construction than in the east,  But in the West there is less enforcement  Demolition orders are not undone, even if an order was made 15 years ago and the tenant changed in  the meantime, the house could be destroyed without further notice.

(translated from Hebrew between me and Google)



Israeli War Crimes

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The picture speaks for itself.

Billary Clinton: Its all in the Body Language.

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Billary Clinton: Its all in the Body Language.Or as  called in a more Shakespearian theme A Tale of Two Cities.



US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is greeted by Ambassador Dan Shapiro (L) as she arrives in Israel for an official visit . Photograph: US embassy handout



Egyptian military chief Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi shakes hand with U.S. Secretary of State Hellary Clinton before their meeting at the Defence Ministry in Cairo July 15, 2012.

Notice the difference in the eyes and the mouth, and the position of hands during the hand shake.

billary definition –  Transporting bile

Israeli Recycling:Palestinian political prisoners.

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(by Nidal El-Khairy)

(by Nidal El-Khairy)


Israeli Recycling – Israel often releases prisoners and leaves them in areas where Palestinians are not allowed to be in and rearrests them immediately. This is a part of a systematic psychological war on Palestinian political prisoners.