Status Messages and Profile Pictures

Never underestimate the small things in life for getting your point across. A status message or profile picture can be a very effective way of getting a message across.        

The Palestinian Flag.

Using the Palestinian flag in your profile picutre is a simple way of showing solidarity (tadamon in arabic)        

فلسطين هي قضية إنسانية***Palestine is a humanitarian cause     



I am Palestinian and proud.أنا فلسطينى و أفتخر       


   أنا ناشط فلسطيني I am a Palestinan activist 



Lan nakhdha’
Lan narhal
Lan naskut
Lan nansa
We will never submit
We will never leave
We will never be silenced
We will never forget       


The problem is” we the people” forget that we have the power to elect governments, that governments should work for us and that we also have the power to take them down, if they don’t. At the moment governments have “we the people convinced” we work for them or should that be the power behind the government’s the NWO. Yes its going to hurt its, going to hurt very bad, but ask yourselves. Is it better to die on ones feet or live crawling on all four limbs, in subjugation to those who worship filthy lucre?        

“Ra7 neksar el 7esar, welli mesh 3ajbo yroo7 yeshrab men ba7r Ghazza!” – “We’ll break the siege, & the ones who don’t agree; go drink Gaza’s sea!”.       

ISRAEL (has) NO (right to) EXIST !     

לך לעזאזל, ישראל     

Long Live PALESTINE ! عاشت فلسطين      



One Response to “Status Messages and Profile Pictures”

  1. palestinians have rights to a free home land

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