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Suggestions to avoid arrest at the Chicago 2012 NATO/G8 Summit

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Going to protest the Crowd Control Preparation for Chicago 2012 NATO/G8 Summit, here is a short video of some of the tactics the police will use against you.Done by the people who trained the police….

Here is a video that will give you more information on “Joint Manipulation” it speaks about how to prime the victim first.  priming basically means they are going to hit you, to cause you to get confused. in order to prepare you for the join manipulation in order to gain control over you. Knowledge is power….. Kuntao Jiu-Jitsu have a series of self defence videos on You tube….

Joint manipulation doesnt work? That’s why they have to “prime you”

Prepare yourself for this priming by learning self defence techniques that include learning hot to “block” that hit that you know will come if your a target for arrest.Want to know more about such police  tactics? I found this book

Defensive Tactics: Modern Arrest and Control Techniques for Today’s Police …

By Loren W. Christensen

Remember knowledge is power.They can only control you if you allow your self to be controlled…

Remember they have to hurt you in order to control you… there is a ton of information on the net on self defence…Take some time learn how to counteract.If you do get hurt remember this is preparation to control you.Ignore the pain, because once your hurt and confused they will over power you using a technique such a joint manipulation.

Areas they will target for priming...

I have some more information on how to prepare yourself for protest on this page

And if all else fails There is this post with suggestions on how to escape zip ties