Court rules it is allowed to call Jews thieves.

Its always handy to have knowledge of of Israel’s laws in relation to activism.This item in “YourJewishNews” is definitely worth remembering… An Israeli court hasd ruled it is allowed to call Jews thieves as long as its a metaphor for exploitation.
While this case involved a Jewish man’s business in Samaria and Judea,it surely sets a precedent for other situations involving exploitation

Calling Jews in Judea and Samaria “thieves” is legitimate criticism and not slander, according to Justice Shoshana Almagor of the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court. Almagor rejected a slander suit brought by Moshe Zer against far-left activist Gidon Sapiro.

Sapiro had termed Zer “one of the biggest land thieves in the occupied territories,” an accusation Zer said was untrue – all his land dealings have been legal – and harmful to him as a businessman. Sapiro argued in court that the word “thief” was meant as a metaphor for exploitation.

The word “thief” was not a personal insult directed at Zer, “but rather, an expression meant to raise questions as to his behavior and the nature of land dealings between Arabs and Jews in Judea and Samaria,” Almagor ruled. Sapiro’s attorney expressed satisfaction with the verdict, while Zer accused the court of arbitrarily deciding that an insult was actually a metaphor.


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