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Tzai Hanegbi threatens “Pogrom”

Posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2017 by ahlamhelwa

In a move reminiscent of the Nazi press,  Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister and  close ally of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Tzai Hanegbi threatens a third Nakba aka pogrom.

It brought to my mind a different threat made in another time, in a different century with the same intention in mind, but the intended victims then were the Jews. While the world may not understand the Arabic word nakba, it is more likely to understand the word pogrom, since the word pogrom has been beaten into world consciousness.A pogrom/nakba is the organised destruction of an ethnic group, its literal meaning is devastation.


To fully understand what Hanegbi is threatening,we need to take a look at witness testimony from the first Nakba

Deir Yassin 9/14/1948

…………..whenever the Jews occupied a house, they would blow it up, then direct a call to the inhabitants to flee or face death. Believing the threat, the people left in terror in hopes of saving their children and women. But what should the Stern and Irgun gangs do but rush to mow down whoever fell within range of their weapons. Then, in a picture of barbarism the likes of which humanity has rarely witnessed except on the part of the most depraved, the terrorists began throwing bombs inside the houses in order to bring them down on whoever was inside…..

…………A woman who survived the massacre by the name of Halima Id describes what happened to her sister. She says, “I saw a soldier grabbing my sister, Salihaal-Halabi, who was nine months pregnant. He pointed a machine gun at her neck,then emptied its contents into her body. Then he turned into a butcher, and grabbed a knife and ripped open her stomach to take out the slaughtered child with his iniquitous Nazi knife.”

Biet Daras 21 May 1948

….. after a number of failed attempts to occupy this village, the Zionists mobilized a large contingent and surrounded the village. The people of Beit Daras decided that women and children should leave. As women and children left the village they were met by the Zionist army who massacred them despite the fact that they could see they were women and children fleeing the fighting.

To read more of what close ally of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Tzai Hanegbi  meant when he made his threat,you can find more testimony at Former Israeli commander confesses to razing entire villages during Nakba

To the long suffering people of Palestine, and to the brave courageous defenders of Al Aqsa, the Hanegbi statement is part of a PSY War, a war for your minds. Dont let them win, don’t tolerate metal detectors and being herded like cattle in order to pray. When Hanegbi made that statement he did not factor in that it is now 2017, and the world is well aware of the Zionist perfidy, and that Zionist crime can no longer be hidden. And he has definitely underestimated the support Palestine has.

I began this item with  linking the threat  of Zionist Hanegbi to threats of the Nazis, and then came across the quote below , in the link posted above


“The repression from Israel is the worst form of Apartheid. Nobody has the faintest idea of what is going on here, even the best informed people. Everything is in pieces, the land is destroyed and nothing else may be planted. All this smells like a boot camp, like Auschwitz. The israeli have turned into NAZI JEWS”