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Information for Next Fridays “Great March” Gaza

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Cover your face!!!!

The “Israeli” enemy are taking photos of the protestors at the borderline and observing their facebook accounts to get informations about them.
Then they choose who to targed the operation dont take more than 10 minutes the “israeli” soldiers are sending the pictures to a electronic special force within minutes they are searching for the accounts and look for specific signs like hamas or Islamic jihad flags or posts to support the resistance or even just political posts they have “indicators” to chosse a possible “target”.
Focus at the coming points please:
– It is recommendable to cover your face when you went to the borderfence.
– try not to give much informations through your livestreams or posts don’t mention names of persons or specific and exact places.
– try to bring Mirrors or Alu foil with you the reflection of the mirrors or alufoil will irritate the enemy sniper.
– bring buckets if you can fill them half with water around the prayer area and after the sand barrikade when the enemy drones or soldiers are firing gas grenades put the buckets filled with water over the landet smoke grenade, this will prevent the smoke to spread.
– try to create thick smoke to disrupt the sight of the soldiers.
Dont share just COPY PAST

Also “Important”

A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), warned that the Israeli occupation forces would use internationally banned gas during the return march on the Gaza Strip borders next Friday, the ‘Adamsite’ gas, which is one of the most dangerous types of gases, an arsenical derivate which has serious consequences on the lives of participants. Adamsite bombs produce smoke which has the same color of the tires’ smoke when they’re ignited, that characteristic advantages the Zionist army, as the Gaza citizens are preparing to use a large number of tires to ignite them on the border with the Gaza Strip next Friday to distract the snipers.

First Aid
GENERAL INFORMATION: The effects of exposure to vomiting agents under usual outdoor conditions generally are self-limited, disappearing in 20 minutes to 2 hours, and require no specific therapy other than symptomatic relief. Exposure to large concentrations of adamsite (DM), or exposure to adamsite (DM) within an enclosed space or under adverse weather conditions, may result in more severe adverse health effects, serious illness, or death and may require supportive measures for symptomatic complaints of eye, skin, and airway irritation.
ANTIDOTE: There is no antidote for adamsite (DM) toxicity.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
Immediately wash eyes with large amounts of tepid water for at least 15 minutes.
Provide symptomatic relief.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
Provide symptomatic relief.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
Evaluate respiratory function and pulse.
Ensure that the patient/victim has an unobstructed airway.
If shortness of breath occurs or breathing is difficult (dyspnea), administer oxygen.
Assist ventilation as required. Always use a barrier or bag-valve-mask device.
If breathing has ceased (apnea), provide artificial respiration.
Gargling may provide symptomatic relief.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Immediately remove the patient/victim from the source of exposure.
May require the use of soothing compounds such as calamine, camphor, or mentholated creams.
See the Decontamination section for patient/victim decontamination procedures.
Seek medical attention immediately.

Long-Term Implications
MEDICAL TREATMENT: A small minority (fewer than 1%) of people will experience serious, prolonged adverse health effects following adamsite exposure. Those seeking medical attention will generally have complaints relating to ocular, airway, and/or skin irritation. Patient/victims with severe or prolonged adverse health effects should be observed until effects abate.
Eyes should be carefully examined for retained foreign bodies and irrigated with water or saline. Use of topical antibiotics and eye solutions to relieve irritation should be used and referral to an ophthalmologist is suggested.
Use of oxygen and bronchodilators (if bronchospasm is present) may be necessary in patients with underlying respiratory disease.
More persistent and severe skin irritation may require the use of soothing compounds such as calamine, camphor, or mentholated creams. Large blisters, if present, should be debrided and irrigated several times daily. Use of a topical dermal antibiotic is recommended.
DELAYED EFFECTS OF EXPOSURE: Not established/determined
EFFECTS OF CHRONIC OR REPEATED EXPOSURE: Information is unavailable about the carcinogenicity, developmental toxicity, or reproductive toxicity of chronic or repeated exposure to adamsite (DM).