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How to Inflate Your Victims of Terrorism List.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 22, 2012 by ahlamhelwa

Israel desperate to prove it is a victim of “terrorism”. has a nifty way of inflating its figures.If you an Israeli and you are shot by the IDF, you are listed as a victim of terror.We have all seen the statistics which look something like this- But how many of us realise that Israel inflates it figure in such a way. Take for example the case of Rabbi Dan Martzbach and the two women in the car with him, who were shot by the IDF as he sped through a checkpoint, the  Defense Ministry has pronounced it as an act of terror in order to help the grieving families ostensibly receive National Insurance.,7340,L-4146965,00.html Further reading on this case reveals that Rabbi Dan was not the only one in the family to be killed by “friendly fire”(a gross misnomer),it seems the Martzbach family has lost one of its loved-ones in a friendly fire incident. The rabbi’s daughter’s brother-in-law was killed by IDF fire in 2003. So already without look we have two on the terrorist victims list that shouldn’t really be there. I have a question for the NII do you also list IDF members that get killed by friendly fire as terrorist victims to? The fact that such an act that conveniently inflates  Israel’s list of terror victims, is overlooked should not surprise anyone. Its reminiscent of the  overinflated list of the victims of Auschwitz that for for many years was over looked.