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Israels inherent evil!!!!!!!

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‘It was hard for Satan alone to mislead the whole world, so he appointed prominent rabbis in different localities.’ —A Chasidic saying attributed to Nahman of Bratzlav, early 19th century.-Leo Rosten ‘The Joys of Yiddish’ (Washington Square Press 1968)

Ashhadu Alla Ilaha Illa Allah Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammadun rasulu’Llah

Just a few screen grabs…….and a quote from Judaism about the state of things.
And the shahadah the muslim declaration of faith.
The last screen grab of the man holding his finger in the air…he was making ihs declaration of faith.
The following days will tell the full story of what is still an ongoing situation.
My question..will the world sit back and let Israel get away with this hienous attack on a humanitarian convoy?

Israel pirate invading a boat flying the Turkish flag in international waters

Is Turkey going to tolerate this attack on its sovereignty?????????


Twitter for the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

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“Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu

Twitter for the flotilla

Lets change the news trends on Twitter and get the flotilla news to the top of the Twitter trend list. The last campaign to get Palestine to the top of the Twitter trend list
was very successful.
The Israeli Hasbara megaphone is in over drive, spreading false news in relation to the
Gaza siege, from Mark Regev denying Israel ever dropped white phosphorous on Gaza, to claims of adequate supplies going into Gaza from Israel.

Here you can find a list of allowed goods, take into consideration what you and your family use…….. Its the goods that are left out that speaks loudest here.

List of Goods Allowed into Gaza Strip as in April 2010

Source [as quoted from BBC]: Confidential information from international groups (The list refers to goods brought in by commercial importers. Humanitarian organisations, including UN agencies, also bring goods into Gaza. They have consistently been allowed to bring in staple foods and medicines, while other items are approved or rejected on a case-by-case basis).

So if you want to do something to help the Gaza Freedom Flotilla ……. Become a “Flotilla Twitter”. With your help we can get the flotilla to the top of the trend list in the right way.

According to a July 2009 report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Jerusalem, Gaza doctors and nurses do not have the medical equipment to respond to the health needs of the 1.5 million people living in the Gaza Strip.
Medical equipment is often broken, lacking spare parts, or outdated.
WHO attributes the dismal state of Gaza’s healthcare system to the Israeli blockade of the territory, tightened in June 2007 after Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by the West, seized control. The poor organization of maintenance services in Gaza compounds the problem, reports WHO.

Nothing has changed in the situation

On Thursday, 18 May 2010, the General Directorate of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that 110 types of medications and 123 types of medical supplies had run out. It further added that an additional 76 types of medications and 60 types of medical supplies are expected to run out within the next three months. The General Directorate stated that the shortage of medications and medical supplies has led to a health crisis, which threatens the lives of thousands of patients, particularly those suffering from chronic diseases. The health services offered to 1.5 million civilians in the Gaza Strip have been deteriorating for some time, especially following the vast destruction of health facilities during the latest Israeli Offensive on the Gaza Strip and the ongoing blockade that prevents the import of materials needed for reconstructing those facilities and prevents the supply of medical consignments to the Gaza Strip’s hospitals and health centers.

Gaza power plant shuts down for lack of fuel
A Gaza Power Generating Company (GPGC) employee presses a button at the company’s power plant in Nusseirat. The sole power plant in the besieged Gaza Strip was shut down because fuel supplies ran out, with Palestinians and Israel blaming each other.
AFP – The sole power plant in the besieged Gaza Strip was shut down on Friday because fuel supplies ran out, with Palestinians and Israel blaming each other.
“The power plant shut down completely this morning as a result of a shortage of fuel caused by the Israeli siege,” said Kanaan Obeid, assistant director of Gaza’s electricity authority, referring to the Israeli blockade of Gaza since its 2007 takeover by the Islamist Hamas movement.

A year after a 22-day war, Gaza is still a disaster zone and the population is even more dependent on aid. The people of Gaza continue to face food shortages and poverty is widespread.
Many of those who lost their homes still do not have adequate shelter. There has been little improvement in the health system as there is a severe lack of medicine and medical supplies.
There is also a desperate need for building supplies to rebuild some of what was lost in the war, for materials to help repair water and sanitation facilities and fuel for the power plant.

The Constant Crisis in Gaza
The Gaza Strip has been facing a humanitarian crisis ever since April of 2006, when border closings and the lack of foreign aid caused a severe shortage of fuel, foods and medical care. Gazans suffer shortages of essen-tial commodities and the rise in market prices has made it difficult for families to have an adequate, healthy and balanced diet.
The Karni crossing, which serves as the main conduit for commercial goods into Gaza, has been closed since June 13th, 2007. This has devastated the Gazan economy. ”In June 2007, there were 748 truckloads of ex-ports leaving Gaza for Israel and other countries. A month later there were none”.
In Gaza over 80% of Palestinians are now depending on foreign aid compared to 63% of 2006. Unem-ployment in Gaza is close to 40% and is set to rise to 50%. The private sector – that generates 53% of all jobs in Gaza is crumbling.
The health sector remains unstable as the severe lack of fuel causes power cuts. According to the July 2007,UNRWA Gaza Situation Report, primary and secondary health care facilities are still functioning de-spite shortages of electricity and supplies such as X-ray film, laboratory kits, patient beds and examination tables. However there are ongoing shortages of chronic disease drugs and anaesthetics, and a considerable portion of equipment and machines are out of order, overloading the remaining capacity of hospitals.
WHO reports that at least 51 people have died from October 2007-July 2008 as a direct result of not being able to access medical care outside Gaza – among these were 11 children.
The fuel shortage and the lack of spare parts required to repair and upgrade Gaza’s wastewater treatment plants have forced the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility to continue dumping approximately 84,000 m3 of raw and partially treated sewage into the Mediterranean Sea each day.

I forgot to add my twitter name…… bahebakyagaza:-)

Urgent Call for Aid to Fight Israel’s Propaganda WarShare. From the ISM

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Dear friends and fellow activists,

Ladies and Gentlemen of CC, SOA Watch, Amnesty International, and many other grassroots organizations around the world. We are facing a propaganda war now with the Israeli government doing its best to silence what they perceive as dissent and what is accurately described by those who love humanity, peace, and God; as truth. I ask that you keep in mind the International Solidarity MOvement’s and others’ efforts in Israel/Palestine. We can not have a peaceful solution until BOTH sides are protected and are granted respect for basic civil and human rights. Most importantly, this involves respect for the weaker’s rights (Palestinians). Our struggle with the electronic intifada has increased. Our numbers have increased worldwide. And as the media has shown, although negligible, we have the ability to shame and compel governments to make concessions against tradition or what has been established by corruption and greed as the norm.We have also seen the martyrdom of Rachel Corrie and others take a nascent and inchoate movement and augment its organization. What is the next step?

Many of us have sacrificed so much for this cause. We have accomplished a lot and are capable of so much potential to make the impossible…….possible. We are all waiting to make the worldwide intifada on a scale which has never been seen before. We lay waiting and silent until that time. The time is coming closer and closer. I ask that you all remain patient and endure all of the efforts which those who love greed and unchecked power do upon us for nothing more than wanting peace and remedial equality in this world. I thank all of you heroes in this fight and I want you to know we all are one family even though we are seperated by distance. I respect and love you all and hope you all the best 😉

Please consider the following note:

ISM is hard at work in the West Bank and Gaza, and needs your help!

The ISM media office was raided two times in the span of four
nightsin February, when
Bridget Chappell and Ariadna Jove Marti were arrested. In
the raids, the Israeli military stole all of our computers (three laptops,
one desktop) as well as several video cameras. Just a few weeks ago, the Hebron
office was broken into while
activists were away. We believe the military is also to blame because
neighbors reported soldiers coming to look through the windows multiple
times when the apartment was empty, and in the raid two laptops, multiple
cameras, photo memory cards and USB memory devices were stolen, while other
valuables were left in plain sight.

ISM needs to replace this equipment in order to continue the important work
we’re doing. Documenting ongoing settler violence and harassment in Tel
Rumeida (Hebron) and Sheikh Jarrah (East Jerusalem) are two of our most
important activities. The residents of these communities demonstrate
remarkable resilience by refusing to be deterred by settler violence. In
order for the communities to have a chance of telling their story to the
global community (one of ISM’s primary roles), and to prove the innocence of
our Palestinian friends when they are falsely accused (a frequent
occurrence), we need to capture high-quality footage.

We need: at least two small hand-held video cameras (roughly $150-200 each).

ISM Gaza activists risk extreme danger to document some of the worst human
rights violations in the world. One primary activity is documenting use of
live fire in the “buffer zone” towards farmers and non-violent
demonstrators. Israel’s use of live fire has killed 14 and injured over 50
thus far in 2010. Bianca Zammit, a Maltese activist, was shot in the leg
April 23 while filming a
demonstration, proving that such documentation is viewed as a threat by the
Israeli military.

We need: a Mac laptop computer for video editing ($1000)

A camera with good ‘optical’ zoom, such as a Canon Powershot S51S ($150-300)

The strategic theft of our media equipment, combined with Bianca’s shooting,
serve as a reminder that we pose a real threat in our ability to reach
global audiences with information about Israel’s actions. As non-violent
activists, cameras are our weapons in exposing the Apartheid. Please, help
us to continue this important work by donating
here:, or by sending equipment to Palestine with an

In solidarity,

ISM Palestine



In Lieu of a Grand Gesture

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In lieu of a grand gesture, for example; leaping in front of Caterpillar bulldozers, sailing into Gaza on the Freedom Flotilla, declaiming Israel’s crimes on the floors of the UN and the ICC how can we help? In this post I will discuss the three simplest ways one can help to end the oppression of the Palestinian people.
It’s a simple formula R+W+D=A, reading, writing and donating equals action.

Reading- Knowledge is power! Read as much and as widely as you can on the situation. Always keep in mind that main stream media is controlled and manipulated by the Zionist, which is why I advise you to read as widely as you can.

Write-Share the knowledge! Having read you can now share what you have learnt, Take it to the streets, the social networks or simply share it with friends and family.
You can make it as complicated to keep it as simple as you choose.

Donate- Taken into consideration the Palestinian money pit situation seems almost impossible to fill. But even the smallest amount can make a difference. In this time of economic hard ship you may not be able to donate money. Consider then donating some of your time instead to fund raising.

We cant all make grand gestures, but even the smallest of gestures adds to the one big action that will free Palestine from the tyranny of Zionist oppression. A small amount of your time daily will help to end the apartheid, as practiced by the state of Israel. A small donation of money could help nourish a hungry child. A word from you could open someone’s eyes to the truth. We cannot all be heroes but we can make a difference.

Gaza-Living Against all Odds

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Since June 2007 Israel had held Gaza under siege conditions severely restricting what is allowed into Gaza, the siege is cruel and inhumane affecting all parts of life in Gaza. Despite living in conditions not seen since the days of the Nazis and Warsaw ghetto, the people of Gaza endure and remain steadfast.
Every so often out of Gaza comes a news story. Not the ones we are used to coming out of Gaza, that of its suffering and despair. But stories of heart warming proportions, stories on innovation, determination, I am going to share some of my favourites here.
This is my newest story of heart warming proportions and the one that inspired this blog post. Football mad Gazan’s denied the opportunity to attend the world cup in South Africa, host their own version.16 local teams took the part of the National squads, A crowd of 20 thousand watched the final between “France and Jordan” and Ishmael Hanniya was there to hand over the trophy to the winners.

The full story can be found here

The Ultimate Recyclers
Press TV ran a story about the way glass is being recycled in Gaza. Taken from bombed buildings the glass is used in items fro tourist souviners to cobbles. Out of necessity the people of Gaza have become the ultimate recyclers, the rest of the world
Could learn some valuable lessons from the Gaza experience in recycling.

Alink to the Press TV storyonn youtube

Is it a Donkey , is it a Zebra or is it a Horse in Striped Pyjamas!
After losing their Zebras to adverse conditions during Gaza massacre in 2009 the zookeepers of the Marah Land zoo in Gaza came up with a novel solution to the problems.Not being able to afford the forty thousand dollars to replace the zebra and unable to get them into Gaza due to the siege, even if they could find the money.The zoo keepers got a professional to dye the hair of the zoos two donkeys.

To get the full story

Chocolate for Eid
Eid is the joyous three days of celebration at the end of the month of Ramadan imagine the incredulous looks on the faces of the children of the 35.000 families it was delivered to, by Hamas officials.
Chocolate is one of the banned items Israel prohibits from entering the Gaza, and most of the available sweets in the Strip are smuggled in via the southern tunnel system, making it too expensive for average families.

These are just a few of the many heart warming stories of Gazas ability to “Live”, to come out of Gaza that I have laughed or smiled through my tears at. There are so many more, the man who built his house of mud bricks, the man with a treasure trove of museum pieces in his basement and of course the ultimate stroy of survival , the tunnels Gazas life lines.

15.5.2010 Today we remember

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Nakba (Arabic: النكبة, an-Nakbah), meaning the “disaster”, “catastrophe”, or “cataclysm”, occurred when between 650,000 and 750,000 Palestinian Arabs were expelled from their homes by Yishuv or Israeli forces, during the creation of the state of Israel.

Today we remember those who lost their lives
Those who lost their homes, business, their country.
We think of those forced to flee
Those who were separated form loved ones.
We pray for those who are jailed, those living scarred
Both physically and mentally and those living under sieges
In conditions of oppression and apartheid.
We contemplate the children
Aged beyond their years
Who have never known what it is like to live
Without the constant fear of the brutal oppressor
Whose dreams are haunted by sights no child should ever see.
And as the green and yellow flags mingle in unity on this day of days.
We wish that the unity of this day carries forth into the future
Today we pause momentarily, we take time to remember
Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow we carry on
Not stopping until the day Palestine is free

In the event of the Gaza flotilla being stopped reaching Gaza

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Having read this article today

Israel’s naval forces are allegedly in training to prepare to seize eight boats scheduled to dock in the Gaza Strip on 24 May from Europe, Arabic-language media reported on Wednesday.

“About half of the Israeli naval forces will participate in an operation that was approved by the cabinet. [Israeli] Defense Minister Ehud Barak will supervise the operation,” an Israeli official told the Arabic-language satellite TV station Al-Hurra.

I think it time for some forward planning of our own..

In the event of the Gaza flotilla being stopped by the Israeli navy I would suggest a  email phone and fax bombardmet of Israeli goverment offices and embassies around the world…

A list of contact numbers and email addresses and links to even more can be found here

Further ideas would be also to contact your own goverments and your news media also…

For more information on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

More ways to help

(,7340,L-3894766,00.html ) stop the Free Gaza flotilla carrying 10 000 tones of urgent humanitarian supplies Israel has been banning from Gaza, unless we STOP them from doing so.
We need to act URGENTLY:

1 – Schedule protests in your local area. There are already prot…ests scheduled in US and Canada.
2 – Write to your elected officials
3 – Contact the media – translate the Free Gaza press releases and distribute them widely in your lists
4 – Write to EU Foreign Affairs head Catherine Ashton –

These two websites contain all the information you need to know –
SAVE them in your favorites:

Palestinians in Gaza count on us to break the siege, if we could not join the brave activists on the boat the very least we can do is to urge politicians to uphold international law and stop the Israeli pirates!

Distribute this message widely!

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