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Watch the song composed by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on the Arabs: “Day missiles on Ishmael”

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Watch the song composed by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on the Arabs: “Day missiles on Ishmael”

Updated 21:49 10/26/2011

End of Simchat Torah introduced the spiritual leader of Shas, the particular song he composed. Among all hymns and poems from the rabbi to perform a song alphabetically – House and the crowd answered. ‘Day mighty Israel goddamn day Ishmael “, the Minister of Rabbi Yosef and clarified that the song is not directed to all Arabs but only to the terrorists

(2:21 minutes)

Rare video of Simchat Torah with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, exposing the son wirtten by the rabbi and sung just once a year, Shas tend to deny its existence.A pleasent we dittyy not it speaks of killing, butchering,strangling and dropping missiles on Arabs.. and no, there is no dieffertation in the song betwen “terrorists” and Arabs
Sung in the evening of Simchat Torah Rabbi Minister alphabetically ( I think it means the Rabbis lists the massacres of Arabs) – House and the audience responds. “Great day for Israel goddamn day Ishmael,” and the crowd sang the rabbi replies: “happy day, happy day, happy day for Israel”.
Rabbi continues: “The day of redemption to Israel day exile Ishmael. Day of joy to Israel, a day which Ishmael. Day generation to Israel, the day of killing Ishmael. Day old Israel, day Wai – Wai on Ishmael. Day right of Israel, a day Zbihh Ishmael. Day that the Israeli lobby, Ishmael strangulation day. day of pure Israel, Ishmael butchering day. day of pure Israel, missiles Day Ishmael. day straight to Israel, day shots on Ishmael. ”
The year before the beginning of the song stands up on his feet and great educational act surprised he sought to emphasize the song is not directed to all Arabs and said that the song be directed solely to the terrorists Ishmaelites.( Yeah right… in New Zealand we would call this a Tui Ad…something that is not believable)