SettlementS in PaleStinian ReSidential aReaS in eaSt JeRuSalem aPRil 2012


1. Similar to the rest of Israeli settlements in the oPt,
settlements in East Jerusalem are illegal under
international humanitarian law (IHL), as they violate
Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which
prohibits the transfer of the occupying power’s civilian
population into occupied territory.
2. The establishment of settlements in the heart of
Palestinian neighborhoods commonly entails the
forced eviction and displacement of Palestinians. In
addition to depriving families of their homes, this
has often resulted in disruption to livelihoods and
access to basic services such as education and water/
sanitation. This inevitably leads to reduced standard
of living and increased dependency on humanitarian
aid. The impact of displacement on children can be
particularly devastating, including post-traumatic
stress disorder, depression and anxiety and reduced
academic achievement.
3. This settlement activity has also led to increased
tensions, restrictions on public space, residential

growth and freedom of movement. The continuous
deployment of private security guards and police
forces to protect the settlements, particularly in
Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah, has also led to frequent
clashes, which undermined the physical security of
Palestinian residents.
4. Israel, as an occupying power, has an obligation to
protect the Palestinian civilian population. International
law prohibits the forced displacement of civilians and
the transfer of settlers into occupied territory, as well
as confiscation or destruction of private property,
except when such destruction is absolutely necessary
for military operations. The application of the Israeli
legal system to accommodate claims over property
rights in an occupied territory is also unlawful under
international law, and it involves discrimination against
Palestinian refugees, who are not allowed to reclaim
their property in Israel.


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