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The Palestine Internet Defence Force

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Who, what ,how and why are questions being asked about the Palestine Internet Defense Force, here is the explanation.

The PIDF is based loosely around the principles of network centric warfare pioneered by the USA Department of Defence/Ofence.But unlike in the USA it is not used to make war it is used to create peace by the using the principles of truth and justice.
The PIDF uses the unparalleled freedoms and flexibility of information technology to leverage the matrix of social media to provide a robust vehicle for information sharing based on the principles of truth, and with the goal of justice for the Palestinian people. After 63 years of ethnic cleansing, loss of life we want to help Palestine have the ability to live in freedom without the constantly daily harassment of Zionism. Of course our ultimate goal is for Palestine to be at peace.
Leaderless and with no official membership the PIDF is a conglomerate of like minded individuals and groups,sharing information, writing about, fundraising, organizing, caring about Palestine.Like the Anonymous group we are legion but unlike them we are not all anonymous.
Coming from all walks of life, all nations religions and creeds, the people of the PIDF work together disseminating the truth, to ensure justice to create an ever lasting peace for Palestine. Growing at an ever-increasing pace, spreading ever wider like the ripples on a pond, with the intention of creating a tsunami to free Palestine.
We are the ultimate leaderless resistance. As Sun Tzu wrote in “The Art of War” KNOW THY ENEMY, we have encompassed some of the oppressors tactics and created some of our own. We are the Zionist hackers worse headache, cut us down, we just appear elsewhere. We are the Zionist worse night mare, we are out there watching 24/7 , 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year.
What ever the Zionists say or do, what ever moves they make, we are there watching, relaying information, and spreading the news.At any time of the day, when ever one of us falls asleep another is waking fresh.We are volunteers, we don’t work for money , what we do is done out of love and compassion for humanity.
Thinking you might like to join us, you may have already, posting anything that supports Palestine, positively commenting on anything Palestinian, purchasing Palestinian goods, supporting the BDS campaign and befriending and getting to know Palestinians is as simple as it gets. Welcome to our world !!!!!!!!
This post is dedicated to my beloved M,GET WELL SOON BUDDY…..