Protection at Protests

Encountering Tear Gas

The following are based on Public Health Emergency Preparedness. Many thanks to @nycHealthy !

PLEASE NOTE:  info here is for use in the absence of a healthcare professional only. Seek professional care ASAP as needed!

Minimize possible skin exposure by covering up as much as possible.

Cover your face with a clean, wet bandana to protect it.

If u see a gascan coming toward u or get a warning, put on protective gear; try 2 move away or get upwind.

If you have a mask or respirator, use it to protect your face and to reduce the effect of fumes

Try to STAY CALM. Panicking increases the irritation. Breathe slowly.

If you are exposed: Blow your nose, rinse your mouth, cough and spit. Try not to swallow.

Skin – Flush the skin with lots of soap & water

Clothes–Remove quickly; wash body w/soap&water. Cut clothing away instead of pulling it over your head

Clothes– Use gloves or sticks 2 pick up clothes & place in a sealed plastic bag for disposal

Lungs – Medications 4 treating asthma such as bronchodilators &steroids may help ease breathing.

Eyes – Eyeglasses should be washed with soap and water before putting them back on

Do Not Panic. The effects of exposure, though painful, are temporary.

Info here is 4 in absence of a MD only. Specific care from a dr must be sought ASAP!

Thank you Lady_jail on Twitter

From the 2005 army manual : Escalation of Trauma Chart

Unfortunately its not in color but it will give some idea of  areas on the body, that riot control police will target.

Knowledge is power!!!!!


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