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The Difference Between Israeli prisoners and Hamas prisoners

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Shalit says: I smell the air and see the sun and all that I know I am on the globe.
I did not know the name of one of Kano Inado some (one Hamas – Hamas 2, and so … etc.
I read newspapers and listen to the radio and the food is delicious
I miss a number of Alsjanien (Hamas members)
I learned a lot about Islam during the period of prisons and read the books

I looked at this photo for along time trying to decipher what it said.Then I noticed the hand on Shalits rests reassuringly on Shalits shoulder.In fact I even focussed on the hand and blew it up to make sure of what I saw.There is no tension in that hand, it just resting there.One could say it was giving comfort to Shalit in his first public interview in the five years since his capture.

Pictures dont lies!!!